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Drey Andersson

Everett from We Talk Social helped me to drive more engagement to my Instagram account. I myself have many years of experience in the field of Instagram marketing and I thought I knew it all. I was wrong. Everett did not give out some generic Instagram advice that we all know, but analyzed my business profile and gave specific points where I could improve. Would recommend him to anyone who really wants to improve their Instagram account and take it up a notch.

Taylor Jacobson

Despite having a solid knowledge of branding myself, I was struggling to drive my own brand creation process.  Everett took us through a cohesive and transparent (and fun) process that made it obvious that the outcome was the right one. I highly recommend Everett to new brands who need to discover who they are, as well as existing brands who are very likely squandering their brand potential through lack of clarity or mixed messaging.

Audrey Belot

Everrett can really help you improve your instagram account. His review is authentic, easily understandable, really clear and he seems like an utterly nice person and a great professional. I highly recommend his business and hope to see it grow day after day!

Tara Padua

I connected with Everett at WeTalkSocial because despite a lot of activity and traffic through my podcast I just wasn't getting the conversions to my email list. Everett quickly understood what the NextFem brand is about - Leadership and was able to point out examples where I might be causing confusion and disconnect and how I might remedy the situation. I left our meeting feeling hopeful and with some clear, actionable next steps to making the NextFem brand sparkle. Thanks Everett!

Tristanne Endrina

Thank you, Everett, for doing a quality assessment of my Instagram profile... Your dedication to your work makes it top quality and understandable. You give great explanations for your critiques that make me look at my Instagram in a whole new light as far as using it to engage with an audience that will drive my business. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Brittni Murphy

I can't say enough good things about Everett! He is incredibly knowledgeable about what it takes to create a brand image and communicates it in a way that is easy to understand. He has helped me out immensely with my company and I'm very thankful!

Kenny Haisfield

Everett was incredibly helpful for me with my brand - he offered amazing advice! I feel that through his consultation, I'll be able to expand my reach, connect better with followers and most importantly grow my business. It's easy to get caught up in some of the Instagram glamour but Everett does an incredible job of laying out what you really should be doing to achieve long term success on the platform. Can't thank him enough for the personal time he devoted to my brand vs. just pointing me to a module. If you're curious to use Instagram as it evolves, I encourage you to work with Everett to stay relevant.

Monika Paez Rodriguez

Everett offered me an incredible review of my Instagram. He was very concise, informative and detailed. He didn't just give me this bumbo jumbo 2 min talk. He really went into depth with me and made sure I understood every ounce of it. I am so happy to have worked with Everett and look forward to the future.

Hannah Gay

Everett was great at looking critically at my social media but didn't make me feel patronized and condescended to at all - he made everything digestible for me! He knows the trend in social media too I'm too busy to be super informed about. Thanks Everett!

Shelley Anne Morecroft

Came across their services on Google and love it. Very helpful, insightful and original 😊

Mili Velikova

Everett was amazing: he gave me advice regarding my profile, identifying things about my Instagram I haven't previously noticed! He had some really helpful suggestions! Overall, great working with him - I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Katy Dynes

I had the best experience with We Talk Social! They identified and understood my needs right away and gave me the opportunity to see my business in a new light. An enjoyable and worthwhile experience, would definitely recommend.

Stefanie Rodsater

We had a great session with Everett on creating our brand for our office! I loved that we came away from it with some great ideas of how to implement our brand into our current marketing plan, along with some new ideas to take our marketing to the next level. I am excited to have a few follow up sessions with We Talk Social to expand and strengthen our brand as we begin to implement the new things we learned! Thank you!!!!

Sally Prosser

Just found a clue to solving a problem that no one else could help me with. In-depth advice - looking forward to discovering more!

Helen Davies

Everett was super helpful and definitely knows what he's talking about. It's great to hear advice from someone outside of your circle as it's a lot more straight forward in the best way. I'll be diving in with a lot of his advice and seeing how it goes, can't thank him enough!

Rae Apple Martin

Thanks for being so generous with your knowledge. Understanding Instagram isn't easy, so I really appreciate you sharing your tips and hints.

Ashley Elizabeth

Everett did a review of my Instagram account the other day and gave me a lot of great insight that I hadn't thought about myself or really even thought mattered, after he pointed it out it totally made sense though. He gave a lot of useful advice and I will be making a lot of changes based off of what he said. Completely recommend this service!

Aashi Adani

Love the work Everett does! He's helped me in increasing my engagement with my followers and solved all my social media queries as well! Keep up the good work!

Karen Kleinhenz

Everett has a unique ability to analyze any business and find a way to improve how they connect with people. His instant insight into our business was incredible. Good job Everett...thank you for your time and suggestions.

Larissa Pickens

Everett did a review of my IG account and gave me some helpful feedback on what is working, what we could improve, and some tips on how to move forward. Very helpful, thanks!

Gursimran S. Basra

Everett is an amazing human being. Everett started putting in interest towards my goals and drawbacks like he's my friend. I just loved the way we had that conversation. Patience were there, no hurries, everything was so transparent and I was being given equal opportunity to put my point in. Overall, the session was amazing and obviously very useful. I learnt a lot of things which will definitely help me succeed further. Thank you @We Talk Social! Cheers.

Rachael Fernandes

First of all I'd like to thank Everett for the amazing advice he has given me regarding how I can improve my Instagram feed and connect better with my followers. I think it has definitely helped me look at my page through a different perspective now. From my experience, I believe he is extremely efficient, super organized and very professional. I'd definitely recommend all of you to avail their services.

Elaine Lewis

We Talk Social did a review of my Instagram, and it was so helpful. Now I have some insightful tips to work on and improve my Instagram feed and brand. I appreciate your help! I took notes from my review that I received that are clear and things I can work on to improve my brand and styling while growing my business. Thank you

Christina Gwira

I totally loved the experience and advice provided with WTS! It's actionable, informative and easy to understand. I'd totally recommend!

Susana Castro

Such an awesome company with great feedback and knowledge in this industry! Recommend it very much!!!

Sarah Rombough

Got some really great advice I never ever would have thought about before. Very very helpful and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to grow their social accounts.

Urvee Tondwalkar

Really amazing! Received in depth review of my Instagram profile, amazing strategies to create a killer Instagram profile! Highly recommend ❤

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