6/22: The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins

It was Friday morning and I wasn't feeling too great. Mommie took me to an early morning baby photoshoot, and I just wasn't interested in eating.

She knew something was wrong

so we headed home for daddie to take a look at me.

When we got home daddie took off my clothes and laid me on the wood floor and even though I squirmed around I just didn't want to eat.

My temperature was really low

Daddie also didn't like my body temperature. He said I was too cold. So Mommie called and got an appointment with my pediatrician immediately.


Even though I was still looking ok, and my blood sugar was really good, my temperature was 93.1, and my doctor didn't like that at all! So daddie took me outside to the hot sun and held me close to his chest while doing lunges to warm me up.

The trick worked but my doctor had a bad feeling...


Everett Bowes