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Quick Questions

This is a list of questions that will help us put our best foot forward for Wednesday.

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Meeting Type *
In order to set expectations we need to give this type of meeting a name. Which of these words best describes a meeting where people are asked to contribute their input, feedback, and perspective? (You can pick multiple options.)
Purpose & Focus *
When talking to others, what do you want to say is the main purpose (or focus) of the meeting? Pick from the options below. (You can pick multiple options.)
Attendees *
Place a checkmark beside who is going to be in attendance. If you want to include other people please let me know via email, Marco, or WhatsApp.
This question is optional. If there is anything I need to know about the attendees, their expectations, or anything else let me know. You can write it here, or you can just let me know through our normal channels.