• target engagement rate: different for different sectors
  • measure and keep track of engagement as an indicator of trust and connection (what’s working)
  • people vote with their likes
  • if your posts are not getting engagement you will not be successful in business-building through social media
  • fake likes (paid likes and bots) do not really advance your account and even put it at risk
  • it’s rare that people will go from NO ENGAGEMENT to CUSTOMER… and while it HAS HAPPENED, you can’t build a business that way
  • see what’s connecting, and what isn’t. Minimize what is not connecting
  • as your follower base increases # of likes should, too
  • if not getting many likes there are only 3 causes
  1. wrong posting times
  2. wrong followers
  3. wrong content

(Everyone with bad engagement wants to blame posting time)

good engagement is also important for “social proof”… a principle coined by Robert Cialdini that basically says people look for things like Followers and Likes. When we see others follow, we follow. when we see other like, we like. it says you’re connecting… you’re doing something right.