• if one person has a question the chances are that many others are wondering it, too
  • but more importantly, when you answer questions within the feed people see how you reply, they see you are approachable and friendly, and they see how you will treat them if they start commenting, too.
  • it also serves as social proof… seeing people interact with you in your feed shows that PEOPLE INTERACT WITH YOU. that people really to reach out and engage and even buy

This tip talks about when it’s a good time to send a Direct Message to someone.

Make sure the relationship is solid first!

  • mutual likes
  • mutual comments

THREE YES’ES (jab, jab, jab, hook)

There used to be an old sales tactic that says "always get three yes'es" before you start talking about the product. The spirit behind the tactic was that it was important to start a conversation and build rapport with a person before trying to talk to them about making a purchase decision.

Talk about THEM!

Exercising restraint is tough, but it’s worth it.