TRUST POINT #1: your pic is the first step in building trust and making a connection

  • Attractive (magnetic, approachable)
  • Welcoming
  • Relatable!
  • Did the picture build trust
  • Bright (too dark and you can’t see it)
  • Logo: if you are clearly a business it might be ok to use your logo… but even then I want to challenge you to think about using a picture of a person
  • People connect with people not with objects and things
  • “Big face”—- easier to connect with, especially since the pic is so small (on a phone)
  • one person (almost always) …. I need to connect with the person that this account is about.
  • often dialing in the profile picture is overlooked

Your profile picture is you “book cover”. It’s a clue as to what’s inside 

Give me enough of a reason to “want to take your book off the shelf”