People reject interruption based ads!

  • Interruption-based ads are ALL UNWANTED, UNREQUESTED ads 
  • Social platforms fiercely protect their idea of the optimum user experience
  • Platforms balance two major feats:
    • serving you content, and adding features that help you Connect, Discover, Share more
    • and to serve you targeted ads
  • Ads that are not relevant will hurt the overall user experience
  • Social platforms serve you targeted ads and make serious money doing it
  • They do not have sign up fees… This is the only way they make money

If your feed feels more like a series of ads you are doing two things that go directly against the wishes of the platform owners:

  1. you are disturbing the user experience, and 
  2. you are making money from your own ads (money that they do not get a cut of)

PLATFORM OWNERS do not want marketers to ruin their social media experience, and they do not want people making money off their platform if they are not getting a fee for facilitating it.

  • Steps the platforms are currently taking:
    • Reducing the reach of your non-boosted posts
    • Removing your posts
    • Shutting down accounts (due to violating their user agreement)


  • Your social media is a business tool! But it just can't look or feel like one without running the risk of reducing the reach of your posts, having posts removed, or getting your account shut down
  • Facebook admits that they already are severely reducing the reach of "organic posts”.... that's a fancy term for “posts you are not paying us to put in the feeds of others”….
  • this is why the key to building a brand on social media rests in your ability to NOT feel like you are not an unwanted interruption