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We Talk Branding

A brand experience agency.

We Talk Branding helps clients establish a clear, consistent, aligned brand experience, and creates brand value through a unique blend of analysis, business strategy, and creativity.


We Talk Branding was born out of a passion for business, and a desire to empower brands.


The Evolution of Brand Experience

Brand Experience expands the discipline of User Experience, adding how a brand is perceived by customers (and potential customers) as they accumulate interactions with a brand's multiple touchpoints. 



User Experience → Brand Experience


Brand Experience: A cross-functional business analysis impacting various brand touchpoints, including graphic design, interior design, experience design, social media strategy, creative production, digital development, sales, marketing, customer service, employee development, marketing communications, and more.


Who We Are

We Talk Branding is a brand experience consulting agency. We deliver highly targeted analysis, innovative campaigns, and actionable strategies through an interactive, immersive Brand Discovery process.


Four Forces

In an options-saturated world the future belongs to the specialized. Today, brands are experiencing the effects of four pressures forcing them to differentiate or risk being ignored: 



Consumers are inundated with a flood of product & service choices.


Differences in product feature & benefits are not easily discernible.


The difference between competing brands is imperceivable.


Competition for consumers’ attention leaves no time for research.


We are in the Brand Confidence business.


Strategy, combined with intelligence and creativity.  

With world-class capabilities in strategy consulting, brand experience design, and campaign development we produce creative, intelligent work that increases brand equity for our clients.

Brands We Have Worked With:


Big agency strategies.

Boutique agency speed.


We Are Fluent In

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Ideation
  • Digital Media
  • Social Media
  • Campaign Direction   
  • Brand Positioning
  • Pricing Strategy

Discovery. Analysis. Strategy. Creative.


Brand Discovery Workshop 

Our Brand Discovery Workshop is an interactive corporate exercise designed to identify, align, and amplify your brand experience.

Our Brand Strategy Process delivers a comprehensive, innovative, and actionable plan outlining our clients’ desired brand experience and how that is achieved consistently through multiple brand touchpoints.


We Talk Branding

We sell Brand Confidence.


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