Brand boldly. Create confidently. Connect deeply.

Brand Discovery Workshop

The Brand Discovery Workshop is an interactive team exercise tailored individually to each of our clients.

Our well-tested discovery process helps you see your brand's strengths and weaknesses with complete clarity. Additionally, opportunities to strengthen your brand position leap out as the workshop progresses.


Brand Personality Development

  • Articulate your brand voice
  • Define your brand style
  • Identify your brand values
  • Clarify your brand behavior

Brand Experience Design

  • Outline your desired brand experience
  • Develop your human-centric attributes
  • Anchor your brand’s emotional resonance
  • Focus on predictability, consistency, and alignment

Brand Relevance Analysis

  • Identify your target audience
  • Define your target’s personality
  • Outline areas of relatability 
  • Identify your Target’s problems, emotions, needs

Brand Strategy Development

  • Identify differentiation sources 
  • Develop proof points 
  • Apply challenger strategies

Brand Opportunities

  • Develop your campaign direction
  • Generate your creative direction
  • Create your channel engagement plan
  • Evaluate various influence principles
  • Analyze emotion-strategies
  • Focus your marketing on attraction and awareness
  • Develop your brand meaning

Brand Narrative Engagement

  • Develop your communications framework
  • Define your brand story
  • Develop your pitch