Brand boldly. Create confidently. Connect deeply.

Brand Discovery Workshop

The Brand Discovery Workshop is an interactive team exercise tailored individually to each of our clients.

Our well-tested discovery process helps you see your brand's strengths and weaknesses with complete clarity. Additionally, opportunities to strengthen your brand position leap out as the workshop progresses.


Brand Personality

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Brand Personality

  • Brand Visuals: your look and aesthetic

  • Brand Voice: your tone, volume, wording and vocabulary, rate of speech,

  • Brand Verbs: your actions and brand behavior

  • Brand Virtues: your character, attributes, and traits

  • Brand Values: what drives you, your core beliefs, your purpose


Brand Experience


Brand Experience

  • The human-centric attributes of interacting with your brand

  • The emotional resonance of your brand

  • Channel consistency and alignment


Brand Relevance


Your Target Audience is more than a “persona”. The word person comes from the latin word for mask. A mask is something superficial, and it can hide the true person underneath. In our opinion the same problem applies to persona’s in marketing.

Demographics, alone, will never be enough to define a Target Audience. Demographics, such as age, income level, geographic location, education level, household size, spending power, etc. will not paint a clear picture of why your Target Audience is, and how your brand can connect with them.

Instead, we focus on a deeper definition of the Target Audience that not limited by demographic constraints. We focus on the following to uncover a brand’s Target Audience:

  • Define your target’s personality

  • Functional Problems

  • Known Needs

  • Emotional Drivers

  • Related Fears


Brand Separation


Brand Separation

  • Competitive landscape Identification

  • Brand position

  • Differentiation sources 


Brand Offer


Brand Offer

  • Develop your brand offer as a solution to a problem

  • Define the emotions your brand offer resolves


Brand Narrative


Define your brand narrative, or, your brand story.

  • Develop your communications framework

  • Define your brand story

  • Develop your pitch