New Course Available: "How To Personalize Your Brand"

"How To Personalize Your Brand"

We are excited to announce the latest course by We Talk Branding!

We live in a distracted world!

The average American receives over 30,000 marketing messages per week! 

In order to succeed today brands need to connect, stand out, create meaning, and focus on creating a consistent experience!

"People connect with people; not with products, services, or companies."  

That's why developing the personal properties of your brand is vital!

The benefits of a humanized brand include

  • Higher margins
  • Decreased marketing spend
  • Higher ROI on marketing
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Increased customer recall
  • and much more!

Taught by bestselling instructor, Everett Bowes, this course will give you the framework you need to give your audience a brand they can connect with!

Find the class on Skillshare here.  Or, purchase a discount code to take the course on Udemy here.

See you in class!!


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