Brand Spotlight: Jersey Mike's

The "Sub Above" difference.

I love the Jersey Mike's brand!  

First, they fully embrace their Everyman archetypal identity. In the crowded and noisy competitive landscape that Jersey Mike's competes in their messaging and brand position are consistent, authentic, and inspiring.

Secondly, Jersey Mike's harnesses the power of their brand values to foster customer loyalty!

Jersey Mike's is a brand that believes that the true measure of success is not how much you get but how much you give.


"We Believe": The Key For Unlocking Customer Loyalty


Defining what your brand believes is vital!

At We Talk Branding defining your Brand Values is part of our Brand Personality Discovery


Your "we believe" statements can be used internally for a number of purposes:

  1. To define your company's purpose and goal
  2. To galvanize your team
  3. To focus your on a collective mission
  4. and more


More than an internal message:

Additionally, Jersey Mike's does a great job showing how your "we believe" statements can be incorporated into your advertising and messaging.


Making A Difference

As a brand strategist I just can't get enough of this amazing messaging! Instead of focusing solely on the features of Jersey Mike's food this ad focuses on values and emotions.

What an incredible brand value!  But, what make Jersey Mike's such a welcomed brand is the level of transparency and dedication they have around this brand belief. The Jersey Mike's Day of Giving initiative is inspiring, to say the least! It's one thing to have idealistic values, but it's refreshing and inviting to have a commitment like this!


Test Of Time

This is another great "we believe" ad. This ad perfectly demonstrates how a brand belief drives brand behavior.

"Jersey Mike's believes that the best things in life stand the test of time."



This is a great example of how your brand beliefs can be incorporated into your advertising without using the words "we believe".

Have you defined your brand values?

Do your brand values drive your brand behavior? Are you allowing your brand beliefs to take a leading position in your messaging?

Take a lesson from Jersey Mike's and allow "what you believe" to be a driver of customer loyalty!