The Simplest Explanation of Branding!

Defining A Brand

In my Intro To Branding class I define a brand using the word "BRAND" as a memory device.

What is a B.R.A.N.D.?

  • a Behavior
  • a Reputation
  • an Accumulation
  • a Narrative
  • and a Device

For a deeper understanding of this check out the course on Skillshare or here's where you can take the course for $5 on Udemy.

The Simplest Definition of Branding

This video is an "object lesson" in the Intro To Branding course. It breaks down the purpose of branding into a simple, easy-to-understand concept.

The key to branding is

  1. Define "who" you are
  2. Be more of it

Now, let's see what Thomas the Train can teach us about branding.


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