Instagram: Stop Relying On Hashtags (Paraphrase)

On February 28, 2017 Instagram gave the world some sound advice, and a bit of a warning.

In this blog post Instagram acknowledged the hashtag system is broken, but if you read between the lines I think this is clear: the old-school way that marketers used hashtags is not coming back.

For months we have coached brands against an over-reliance on hashtags as a strategy for account growth and engagement.

Instagram's advice is simple:

  • Stop using hashtags
  • Identify your target followers (and go after them)
  • Post good, intentional, well-thought content
  • Be creative
  • Tell a story
  • Have a branded look (or "signature style")

We firmly feel instagram is sending a clear message that hashtags are broken, and marketers now have to grow accounts the old-fashioned way.

To succeed on Instagram you need to know your brand, know your Target Follower, know your story, know your business goals, and post content that is compelling and relative to your Target.

Thank goodness that's what We Talk Social is all about!

(PS: We think Instagram intentionally broke the hashtag system... but that's another story.)