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From starting up, to starting over, to “just a tune-up, please”, We Talk Branding has helped companies, From to START-UPS to ENTERPRISES , fine-tune their marketing strategy, brand position, messaging, and more.

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The Average American Receives Over 4,000 Marketing Messages Per Day

In today’s crowded, noisy landscape brands need to stand out and connect with lightning speed, and unwavering consistency.

And for most brands, that’s a problem.



Maybe you know it, or maybe you just sense it… It feels like marketplace success is getting harder each day. Innovation, imitation, and a constant pressure to race-to-the-bottom are making business success more and more elusive.

There are four forces affecting every business, making it harder to drive awareness, attraction, and retention.


Your ideal audience faces a flood of brands and products to choose from.


The difference between brands, products, and features are often ambiguous.


A lack of discernible difference between brands/products erodes customer loyalty.


Your ideal audience has a shrinking capacity to evaluate competing options.

Feeling the effects of some (or all) of these negative pressures? Not sure what to do about it? 

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